What is a brand rep?

A brand rep is someone that has been chosen by us (Baby BrainBox) to represent our products or services.

Usually it means, you receive all kind of benefits and/or various giveaways in order to photograph and of course to share it with your followers on various social media accounts of yours.

The pictures you take will be also used by us for advertisement purposes.

What are you going to get out of it?

- Giveaways and/or discounts on most of the store’s collections.

- FREE shipping to your home address.

- Associate your social media account with our brand name to boost your personal account.

- Give 4 coupons to family and friends.

- A great feeling when people ask you where did you get these amazing clothes.

What are our requirements?

- Well composed and edited pictures on your social media pages.

- Natural fit to our style and décor, we would like to avoid a “forced” factor.

- First picture should be live within 7 days from receiving the package.

    - Story post on Instagram at least once a week for a period of 2 months.

    - Pictures should have the following tag: #babybrainbox #getbrainbox.

    - If possible, a link to the product must be included.

    - If possible, a link to the home page should be included.

    - Reference tagging @babybrainbox

- Able to provide at least 2 pictures for marketing purposes a week (Each week should be a new shooting section).

- All original pictures (full size) and/or edited should be sent to us via email

- You must become a follower of ours on the main advertising account.

- Give Baby BrainBox and partners full rights to use your pictures for advertising on various channels.

- Must sign a brand rep’s work agreement.

If you have read and understood all the benefits and requirements, please send your candidacy to info(at)getbrainbox.com.

Please note: that Baby BrainBox is not responsible for any additional costs that you might bare as a results of the free giveaways sent to you (for example customs charges, release fee etc.). We also reserve the right to terminate any existing agreements and/or future ones.

Thank you for the interest you took in us. Chosen people for the job will be notified by email. Due to the amount of applicants, notification period might vary.